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22 November 2021


On 8 October2021 a special ceremony commemorating the 300th anniversary of “echten Karmelitengeist” of Ratisbon was held in the Diocesan Centre of Obermunster (Ratisbon).  Karmelitengeist has been produced since 1721 in the Carmelite convent of St. Joseph at Ratisbon.  Only two brothers of the community,, at a time know the secret formula (Arcanum) for the medicinal essence’s production and they are entrusted with handing it on to successive generations of friars.

Music for the festival was provided by RUBIO, the baroque orchestra of the University of Ratisbon.  In a key note lecture, Dr. Thomas Richter, pharmacist, traced the history of a distillation of Melissa in the late Middle Ages to the present day Karmelitengeist.  Personal greetings from the Bishop were read by Ms. Maria Luisa Ofele, while Councillor Dr. Thomas Burger conveyed the congratulations of the city itself.  At the conclusion of his own address, the Provincial, Fr. Dr.  Raoul Kiyangi OCD, nominated the Delegate Administrator of “Geistfabrink”, Mr. Albert Aufschlager, as an “Honorary Carmelite”.

The ceremony concluded with a projection of the film “Der Geist der Karmeliten”, shown by Fr. Matthaus Bochenski OCD.  This is a documentary about what is probably the most guarded secret of Ratisbon.  It also provided an opportunity to see behind the walls of the convent and observe some of the operations of the “Geistfabrik”.