5 May 2024

INTERNATIONAL MEETING OF OCD NUNS Nemi (Italy) – 14th to 20th April 2024

Daily Chronicle Sunday 14.04.2024 World-wide representatives of Discalced Carmelite Nuns gathered this evening at the Centro ad Gentes in Nemi, to commence work on the revision of their ...

2 May 2024

OCD and OCarm met at Monastery in Bocca di Magra

On April 2-6, 2024, the General Councils of the OCD and of the OCarm met at the Discalced Carmelite Monastery of Santa Croce, Bocca di Magra, Liguria. As has become the tradition since 1991, the two Councils meet twice a year, in June and D...

29 April 2024


Members of the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites in Peru met for their annual Retreat from the 23 to 25 February 2024.  This year’s venue was the Spirituality Centre of the Dominican Missionaries of the Rosary in Lima.  This annual Retreat...

26 April 2024


An OCDS Community is present in the city of Tamale and holds its meetings in the Monastery of the Carmelite Nuns there.  Some of the OCDS members will pronounce their temporal vows shortly.  All of them are deeply involved in their formation and...

23 April 2024


Last February, representatives of the OCDS Communities of Nigeria met in Benin City to discuss some important matters relating to their life as members of the Carmelite Secular Order.  The General OCDS Delegate as well as the Delegate for Nigeria...

20 April 2024


Father Aloysius Deeney, OCD (Geoge Joseph Deeney), died, as a result of cancer, in Indonesia, on 14 March 2024, at the age of 75. Father Aloysius was born in 1948 in Pennsylvania and was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia...

16 April 2024

BURKINA FASO: Assistance for the evacuated of Dedougou

Due to terrorism, many people have had to be evacuated in Dedougou and are now homeless.  Many of these are women and children and some are relatives of the OCD Friars of our Delegation.  Being aware of the needs of these brothers and sisters, t...

12 April 2024

SPAIN: Carmelite Nuns in Segovia celebrate the 450th anniversary of their foundation.

This year the Diocese of Segovia commemorates the 450th anniversary of St.  Teresa’s foundation of the Monastery of St. Joseph on 19th March 1574.  It was the 9th foundation of St. Teresa. In celebration...

8 April 2024

New Bishops: Fr. Aurelio Gazzera OCD and Fr. Johannes Gorantla OCD

CENTRAL  AFRICA:  Fr. Aurelio Gazzera OCD nominated Co-Adjutor Bishop of Bangassou On Friday 23 February 2024, Fr. Aurelio Gazzera was nominated Co-Adjutor Bishop of Bangasso, in the Central Africa Republic. Fr. ...

28 March 2024

Malawi: Annual Meeting of OCD Friars

The Carmelite Friars of Malawi have held their annual meeting. This is usually held at a Spirituality Centre in Salima, but this year it took place in our Community of Nyungwe, better known as the St. John of the Cross Spiritual Centre. It meant t...

24 March 2024

Burkima Faso: Foundation Stone of Future Noviciate is laid

On Friday 9 February, in Pabre (Ouagadougou), with a temperature of 35 degrees under a red sky full of sand from the harmattan wind, the foundation stone of the future Noviciate of the Edith Stein OCD Delegation of West Africa, was laid. Th...

20 March 2024

Germany: Centenary of Carmelite Monastery in Munich

On Tuesday 23 January 2024, we opened a Jubilee Year for the centenary of our Monastery and Church with the celebration of a Solemn Mass. The first Carmelites actually arrived in Munich in 1629, 395 years ago. With the secularization of 180...

16 March 2024

Argentina: 125th Anniversary of arrival of Discalced Carmelites

“In 1899, the Discalced Carmelites came to make a foundation in Argentina. Fr. Fernando of the Immaculate, Provincial f Castile, sent three of his religious: Frs. Agapito of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Eulogio of St. Teresa and Justo of the V...

12 March 2024

Avila: Meeting of European Formators

The annual meeting of OCD European Formators was held in CITeS from 29th January to 2 February 2024. About thirty Formators from all the European OCD Circumscriptions, as well as Fr. Roberto Maria Pirastu, Definitor General, were in att...

8 March 2024

Belgium: Oldest community of Carmelite nuns in the world marks 555 years of foundation

The Carmel of Our Lady of Consolation in Vilvoorde is the 4th and last foundation of Blessed John Soreth. It was canonically erected on 11 February 1469. The Sisters fled from Liege during the “Siege of Liege” in 1468. Their...