Fr. Jean Joseph Bergara

Procurator General


Fr Jean Joseph Bergara was born on 21st May, 1963, in Biarritz. After a little time in the seminary of Dax, he entered the Carmelite friars and pronounced his first vows on the 8th December, 1985. He made his solemn profession in 1990, was ordained priest on the 16th September, 1990. He was then in charge of the retreat house in the Broussey monastery for three years, then became Provincial Counsellor and Student Master from 1993 to 1999. He then became Assistant to the nuns’ Federation of Avignon-Lyon (2000-2006). In the provincial chapter of April 1999, he was elected Provincial of Avignon-Aquitaine until 2005. After this time he became once again Master of Students as well as first Provincial Counsellor for three years. After a short period in the convent of Trois-Rivières in Quebec, Father General and his Definitory called him to Rome in June 2009 to take up the duties of personal secretary to Father General, the French language secretary, as well as the Vice-Superior of the general house.


The Attorney General is one of the three Major Officials of the Order elected by the Definitory General (cf. Constitutions, 189).
Compete Attorney General handle the affairs of the Order to the Holy See, serving under the Provost or Definitory, as required by the nature of matter (cf. ibid., 190).
189. The following officials are to be appointed by the Definitory: the Procurator General, the Secretary General ant the Bursar General
190. The Procurator General acts as liaison between the Order and the Apostolici See, and exercises this function under the direction of the Superior General or the Definitory as the case may require
To help the Provinces and all the monasteries that require it, the General Procura has developed and made available to all practical administrative guide to follow procedures for different cases. It explains in detail the steps that must be taken and documents to be submitted and send to the resolution of each case, according to the Constitutions of the Order and the Vatican laws.
The Attorney General may be consulted to help resolve all legal cases of different nature, that arise, or the practice to be followed in each of them.