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24 November 2022

Teresianum: inauguration of the academic year of 2022-2023

Friday October 14th, the Teresianum celebrated the inauguration of the new academic year. The eucharistic celebration was held by S.Emza. Cardinal Kurt Koch, director of the Dicasterium for the promotion of the unity of Christians. ...

10 November 2022

News of the inauguration of DIGICARMEL

Starting on October 15th the digital project of “Digicarmel” has been open to the public ( we discover it with P. Angelo Lanfranchi, General house of the Order archivist....

22 October 2022

Germany: formation trip in the footsteps of St. John of the Cross in Andalusia

From the 1st to the 10th of September, ten confreres from the German and Austrian provinces left for Andalusia to walk in the footsteps of St. John of the Cross, under the guidance of Fr. Ulrich Dobhan, according to the Germa...

18 October 2022

Poland: work meeting on the Ratio of the Carmelite Nuns

The meeting of the Discalced Carmelite nuns of the Federation of the Holy Spirit took place once again in the monastery of the Carmelite friars in Przemyśl. A group of sisters worked on the new Ratio, a document that helps in initial and...

14 October 2022

Reflection Group of the CICLA (Union of Major Superiors of the Friars of Latin America)

On the 7th August, Fr. Leonel Ceniceros, Provincial of Mexico, Fr. Milton Moulton, Commissioner of Chile, Fr. Robin Calle, Delegate of Ecuador, and Fr. Martín Martínez of the Generalate, officially constituted the CICLA Reflection Gro...

20 September 2022

Congo: Session of formation and preparation for solemn vows for the Discalced Carmelite Friars of Africa and Madagascar

On July 4, 2022, 19 simply professed friars met at the “THERESIANUM” spirituality center in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo). They came from the Commissariat of Congo, the Commissariat of Madagascar, the Provincial Delegation of...

12 September 2022

CITeS: First International Youth Meeting on Mysticism and Humanism

The first international Youth meeting on Mysticism and Humanism, “The challenge of interiority” was held at CITeS from July 17 to 24. Five themes were discussed in the first five days of the Meeting: “The labyrinth: the ch...

26 July 2022

India: Second Novitiate Course 2022

The second novitiate course of the year 2022, organized in Pushpadaan (Calicut), the theme of which was “With Empty Hands”, has just ended. The participants came from 7 provinces: 9 from Manjummel; 2 from South Kerala; 6 from Malabar; ...

19 June 2022


It was with joy and gratitude, that the Formators of the Saint Teresa Association were finally able to gather for their first time ever in person Formators’ meeting from March 7th till the 12th of this year.  We had had to...

16 June 2022


The Commission for the Revision of the Ratio Institutionis of the Order held its 1st meeting, by zoom, on April 4, 2022.  The General Chapter of 2021 had considered that such a revision was overdue, so Fr, General subsequently...

31 May 2022


The Teresianum held an Academic Day on 13 May in celebration of the Silver Jubilee of St. Therese’s declaration as a Doctor of the Church. At the morning session, Professors Fr. Francois-Marie Lethel presented “The Story of a S...

15 December 2021

ONLINE RETREAT with the Discalced Carmelites. Beginning: 24th November 2021

Prepare yourselves for the feast of Christmas with the Discalced Carmelites. Since 2011, the Discalced Carmelites have been offering online retreats to help prepare for the two great liturgical solemnities of the year: Christmas and Easter....

15 November 2021


The academic year 2020-2021 for the Master’s Degree in Mystic and Human Sciences was inaugurated on October 4 at the Teresiano-Sanjuanista International Centre, CITeS, Avila.  This particular degree is just one of the various academic programme...

24 March 2021

News from Carmel in India

Recently, on February 21st , the first Sunday of Lent, the blessing and reopening of the monastery of Discalced Carmelite nuns in Vijayawada took place, after completion of the restructuring work, undertaken with help from the OCD Gener...

17 March 2021

Online Program of Spiritual Formation

The Teresian School of Spiritual Promotion (ESTEPRE) is a formation program of the Discalced Carmelite friars of the Province of Central America. The School has been operating for more than 20 years and is specifically designed for formation in th...