Fr. Christianus Surinono

V Definitor



His first activity as Definitor General is to collaborate with Fr General in the search for the common good of the Order. For this purpose he has conventuality in the General House in Rome and is involved in the celebration of the various Definitories, ordinary and extraordinary, celebrated in Rome as well in other places of the world.

As well, as Definitor in charge of Latin America and the Carabbean, he must visit our communities of friars, nuns and Secular Carmel, spread throughout 21 countries and 11 regional circumstrictions. Given this makeup, his presence in the communities has the following purpose: to be a bond between the region and the Curia General; to promote among everyone the General projects of the Order; to encourage everyone to live our vocation with all possible fidelity; to assist the process of collaboration of the provinces among themselves; to preside at the General Assembly of the Superiors of Latin America (CICLA: Teresian Carmelite Interregional Conference for Latin Ameica) and to follow up on the commitments arising from it; to preside at the elective General Assemblies in the three Commissariats and the two General Delegations.

Finally, he has to try to be present at the celebrations of congresses, formation congresses, and meetings of the Major Superiors, of friars and nuns and the associated lay Carmel, to help them to grow in what it means to be a Carmelite family sharing the same vocation.