Fr. Angelo Lanfranchi


Saint Teresa gave great importance to documents and recommended that in every monastery there should be a worthy and secure place where the papers of greater administrative value could be preserved. Her sons and daughters keep in mind the wise counsel of their foundress. The first nucleus of the General Archives was set up at the end of the 16th century at Santa Maria della Scala, next to the then General House of the Italian Congregation of St Elias and has been constantly enriched with the growth and geographical expansion of the Order. In the archives are preserved the documents coming to the General House from all the areas of jurisdiction of the Order and those that the Order itself produces. Of particular and documentary wealth is the “historical” section, relating to our first missions in Persia and India in the 17th to 18th century. The Archivist is guardian of this patrimony common to us all, he makes certain it is catalogued and assists the numerous researchers that, every year, request to consult the documents of the Archives for research of various types.

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