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8 July 2021

Interreligious meeting in Mazille Carmel (France)

On Sunday, June 6, at the Carmel of Peace (Mazille, France), Buddhists, Jews, Christians of various denominations, Muslims and non-believers met to reflect on the theme of forgiveness. Because of health measures, the assembly had to be significantly reduced. The topic of this year’s meeting, forgiveness, was born in 2018 after the various terrorist attacks that have marked France in recent years.

The Carmel of Our Lady of Peace, inaugurated in 1971, is the work of the Catalan architect José Luis Sert (1902-1983), a disciple of Le Corbusier. José Luis Sert was also the architect of the Maeght Foundation in Saint-Paul-de-Vence and the Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona.

The first interreligious meeting at Carmel in Mazille was held in 2006. It was born from the desire of the Diocese of Autun to engage in this journey of dialogue according to the example of the Assisi meetings. The first meeting began with a time of prayer, at the same time but in different places, and was followed by an exchange of what is prayer. Already engaged in ecumenical dialogue, the Carmel of Peace immediately became the natural place for these interreligious encounters. The nuns are fully committed to it.

This agreement of the Mazille Carmelites finds its source in prayer, especially in the Liturgy of the Hours: “The Liturgy must be a school of peace, because it is a school of authenticity of life. It only makes sense in relation to daily life, otherwise there is no reason to gather so many times during the day to pray. The Liturgy is a necessity, a spur, otherwise it is a sleeping pill! At the heart of the Liturgy is a Word, that of Christ who killed hatred and conquered peace.”


You can see a short presentation video here: