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17 May 2022


For the rest of my life, I will never forget this Sunday of the Resurrection. Never. Life dawns. And more on a day like today, Easter Day. But this life was born to us in the ordeal of the Cross, and has become a light in the empty tomb....

16 May 2022

DAY:16th April 2022 – HOLY SATURDAY

It is a day of silence, an overwhelming experience of deep emptiness, in the wounded warmth of Mary, the Mother; in the hearts of all mothers, who represent the watchful soul of the world, and who always harbour hope, in the midst of so much pain....

15 May 2022


Today we celebrate the passion and death of Jesus in this war-torn land. With the crucified and the victims of all wars and injustices. I am awakened by the sound of sirens that does not cease for a quarter of an hour, until 6.00. Sirens an...

14 May 2022

DAY: 14th April, 2022 HOLY THURSDAY

At breakfast, they had placed three hyacinths next to each one’s plate to celebrate our priesthood. Sister Alina greeted us. She says that they congratulated us and prayed for us with the three bulbs, Faith, Hope and Charity. We said good...

8 May 2022

Holy Week CHRONICLE – UKRAINE DAY: 13th April 2022, Wednesday of Holy Week POLAND – UKRAINE

Fr. Miguel Márquez, ocd   Paweł and Piotr picked me up at the Krakow airport. I arrived at 8.30 in the morning. We went to the Carmelite nuns of Łobzowska, in Krakow. A very cheerful community. We met...

21 April 2022

Visit of Father General to the Shrine of Saint Teresa of Los Andes (Chile)

On Sunday, February 20, the community of the Shrine of Sainta Teresa of Los Andes was celebrating the visit of Father Miguel Márquez. This coincided with the visit of the Animator General of the Sisters, Sister María José Gay. Both came on pilg...

12 April 2022

Inauguration of the Teresian Jubilee

Avila The opening of the Holy Door on Sunday, March the 13th, by the Bishop of Avila, Msgr. José María Gil Tamayo, marked the beginning of the Jubilee Year. The church of the La Santa Monaste...

14 March 2022


Our General, Fr. Miguel Marquez, paid a fraternal visit to the Carmelites in the Holy Land from 19 January until 2 February 2022. Going back to a General Chapter of 1632, there is a tradition that Fr. General is also the Prior of Mount Carmel. Thi...

3 March 2022

Call for help Ukraine

My dear brothers and sisters, We are all united with Ukraine and with our brothers and sisters there. We forward to you this urgent request for help for the needs of the people of Ukraine. At this moment I ask you for generosity...

24 February 2022

Message from our Father General

I would like to address the whole Order, friars, nuns and members of the OCDS, in this dramatic and terrible moment: in union with the call and anguished supplication of Pope Francis to all the People of God, I would like to ask you most ardently,...

2 February 2022

Father General’s Visit to Poland

The year 2021 was a Jubilee Year for the Congregation of the Carmelite Sisters of the Child Jesus. Exactly 100 years ago, on December 31, the Religious Institute was born, founded by the Servant of God Fr. Anzelm Gądek OCD and the Servant of God,...

22 December 2021

Father General’s sermon for the commemoration of Blessed Francis Palau (07/11/2021)

Dearest Sisters, I am happy to be here with you and with my confreres: this is my home, our home. We are walking along the path of communion in Carmel, in the ardent footsteps of Francis Palau and many others who have spent their lives in the serv...

7 November 2021


From the 11th to 15th October, the Superior General, Fr. Miguel Marquez Calle, paid a fraternal visit to the Permanent Community of the Teresianum.   He was interested in having first-hand information about the lif...

29 October 2021


Blessed Maria Felicia of Jesus of the Blessed Sacrament, OCD, called “Chiquitunga” (the Little One), is the first Paraguayan to be beatified.  She died on 28 April 1959 at the age of 34 and her relics were transferred to Rome three years ago ...

14 September 2021

Tuesday, 14th September 2021

Today we came to the end of our General Chapter.  As the ancients said, ”ultima brevior” which means: the last must always be the briefest. The day was entirely dedicated to working on the Final Document of the Chapter and on the messa...