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21 November 2022

Congo: plenary Council of the saint Josef commiserate

The Saint Josef Commiserate of Congo celebrated from Monday 26th till Thursday 29th of September. It was chaired by father General Miguel Marquez, along with two definitors in charge of Africa and Madagascar, fathers Jean-Baptiste Pagabeleguem and Philbert Namphande.

During the inaugural session, the father Commiserate Albert praised the efforts accomplished by the friars in the last years after the establishment of the Congo Commiserate. Our Father General, afterwards, expressed his joy of finding himself in Congo for the first time and stated that he was here in order to listen, learn and get to know the reality and challenges of the Congo Carmelites. This first day has been dedicated to the presentation of our eight communities. The second day we shared all of what we listened in the previous presentations. Wednesday September 28th, we listened the report of the commiserate bursar of the economic situation of the Congo Commiserate and then that of the initial formation. At the ending of the Plenary Council, father General encouraged us to a deeper communication and cooperation among the communities as well as with the nuns and secular order.

Father General, along with both Definitors and father Commiserate paid a visit on Wednesday September 28th to the Archibisop Fridolin cardinal Ambongo, Archbisop of Metropolitan Kinshasa, and the Archbishop Ettore Balestrero, Apostolic Nuncio of the RDC.