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15 March 2023

Meeting of the Formators of Europe and the Middle East

From the 31st of January to the 2nd of February, more than thirty Formators met to discuss the revision of the Ratio Institutionis. They addressed issues related to the different phases of training and the elements to be reviewed in the Ratio. The first day was dedicated to dialogue and sharing of training experiences over the last three years (the COVID-19 pandemic having prevented meetings). Fr. Luca Balugani, psychologist, was invited this year. He dealt with the topic of affectivity and sexuality in consecrated life.

On the last day, a time of fraternal recreation, the participants visited the Grottaferrata Abbey and the Carmelite monastery of Monte Compatri, where the body of Father John of Jesus-Mary, OCD, is buried. The Eucharist was celebrated there precisely on the day in which the Church celebrates consecrated life. Our Father General, Father Miguel Marquez, was with us that day. After the Eucharistic celebration, the participants were given a conference presenting the Venerable John of Jesus-Mary: a promoter of the beatification of Saint Teresa of Avila, third Superior General of the Order (1611), a prolific author, Master of Novices and promoter of the missions in the Order. His incorrupt body is in the church of the Monte Compatri monastery.  The presentation on the Venerable John was entrusted to his biographer, the OCDS Provincial President of Central Italy, Mrs. Laura Isotton, as well as Fr. Basilio Visca, OCD, author of several publications on John of Jesus-Mary.