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1 July 2021

A Theatrical visit to Gotarrendura

The residence of the Ahumada family in Gotarrendura (Avila, Spain) was one of the favorite places of entertainment for the 16th-century nobility. It was the dowry of Beatriz de Ahumada, Teresa’s mother, which Alonso de Cepeda, her father, completed by buying a dovecote. This dovecote left its mark on the soul of The Mother to the point that she called all her convents “Palomarcicos” (dovecotes) and her nuns “palomas” (doves). Saint Teresa inherited this property at the express wish of her mother, who knew her affection for the dovecote. Today, out of the whole property, only a limited section remains, with its orchard and its dovecote.

On Saturday, June 12, a theatrical visit to Saint Teresa’s dovecote took place in Gotarrendura. It was an imaginary visit by Teresa of Jesus to her property. The Saint gives a tour of her property to the nun accompanying her and takes the opportunity to relate her memories of her youth. The climax of the performance comes at a time when Saint Teresa, walking with her father, evokes the four ways of watering her garden and the degrees of prayer.

This performance was created by a group of teachers and students from the Catholic University of Avila (UCAV). It is the result of research work on “La Colombaia Teresiana” by Professor María Jesús Carravilla, as part of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Doctorate of Saint Teresa. The preview took place on April 12, during the “Mujer excepcional” International Congress. The adaptation and staging were done by Mr Juan José Severo Huertas.

On the same day, the garden and fountain of Santa Teresa were inaugurated.