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28 June 2022


CICLA (Inter-regional Teresian Carmelite Conference of Latin America) held its triennial Meeting in Mexico City from 19th to 23rd April 2022.  Present were Provincials, Commissars, Delegates and a Regional Vicar, namely:  the Friars Everton Berny, Emerson Santos, Carlos Ospina, Leonel Ceniceros, Jacinto de los Santos, Milton Moulthon, Rodrigo Segura, AlfredoAmesti, Ricardo Prado, Cristobal Domingurz, Robin Calle, and Obdulio Penayo. Due to problems with his eyesight, Fr. Luis Beltran was unable to attend.

The theme for the Meeting was “This is your language” (C 20,4) which expresses the objective of reflecting on the common characteristics of how the Carmelite Charism is experienced in Latin America. We divided the agenda into three phases: past, present and future (programme) of CICLA.

CICLA past. We recall “the race from which we come”, some people who had made a significant contribution to the renewal of the Carmelite Charism in Latin America.

CICLA present. We shared the characteristics of our understanding of and our way of living the Carmelite Charism at a personal and provincial level. The various themes were presented as witnessed experiences.

The entire meeting was held in a genial spirit of fraternal and trusting intercommunication. We thank all those who were present and pray for the fruitful success of our work together.