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16 June 2022


The Commission for the Revision of the Ratio Institutionis of the Order held its 1st meeting, by zoom, on April 4, 2022.  The General Chapter of 2021 had considered that such a revision was overdue, so Fr, General subsequently elected the following as members of a Commission for that purpose:

Martin Martinez (President of the Commission – Mexico); Jean-Baptiste Pagabeleguem (Secretary – Spain, Provincial Delegation of West Africa); Daniel Chowing (Co-ordinator – Washington); Halluendo Amit (Philippines); Tadeus Dim (Nigeria); Antony-Joseph Pinelli (Paris); Juan Miguel Henriquez Tobar (International College, Rome); Johannes Gorantla (Mission Seminary, Rome).

This first meeting concentrated on the members getting to know each other, sharing their experiences in formation services and their hopes for bringing the Ratio up to date. The richness of diversity among the Commission members, of cultures and languages, is both a challenge and a constructive factor. One of the hopes of the Commission is that the Ratio be updated with practical criteria and experiences of ownership of our charism, but that it should also be the result of input from all the Order’s friars and not just the reflections of the Commission. Accordingly, all formators and those currently in formation will be requested to evaluate the present Ratio and offer suggestions for its updating. A questionnaire is being prepared to this effect.

The next working session of the Commission is scheduled for 12 June 2022.