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8 May 2022

Holy Week CHRONICLE – UKRAINE DAY: 13th April 2022, Wednesday of Holy Week POLAND – UKRAINE

Fr. Miguel Márquez, ocd


Paweł and Piotr picked me up at the Krakow airport. I arrived at 8.30 in the morning.

We went to the Carmelite nuns of Łobzowska, in Krakow. A very cheerful community.

We met the Kiev sisters, who have been staying there for a month.

An intense and emotional dialogue. It gave me great joy to meet them, we shared a lot about the harshest times of the war and the escape to Poland. They wanted to recount and say everything they had gone through.

The Eucharist in Latin.

We had a meal with them, then set out for the Przemysl monastery on the border. We were greeted by Christof the Prior, and we spend an hour talking with the friars of the community.

We left for the border: Piotr, Paweł Baraniecki and Paweł Ferko, who belongs to the Berdichev community, and since the beginning of the war has been in Przemysl to organize aid and cars that are sent twice a week from Poland to Berdichev with food, clothes for soldiers, bulletproof vests, generators, night binoculars,  etc.

We arrived at the border and crossed on foot. Piotr and Paweł stayed on the Polish side. Before the border, we came across a multitude of NGOs from all over the world in order to give help and support to those who were coming from the Ukrainian side: food, clothing, etc. etc.

We found a group of young Spaniards who had come on their own from Cadiz, Malaga, Barcelona… and they had placed their tent in the entrance corridor with a multitude of other organizations. They asked us if we were going to celebrate the ceremonies at the border, because they would like to share in these days of Holy Week.

Paweł and I managed to pass with relative ease the Polish and Ukrainian border. There were many people on the Ukrainian side, waiting to cross to Poland. Many families and children.

Waiting for us on the other side was Rafał Myszkowski, who had made a seven-hour drive to come to pick us up.

The greeting here these days is Dobryy vechir / den. My z Ukrayiny which is to say, Good night / day, we are from Ukraine.

Today, we spent the night in Mostyska, at the Little Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, founded by a Capuchin, Father Honorato Kozminsky. Sisters Alina and Edithson were kindness personified. The dinner, welcome, room, were all very exquisitely prepared.