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12 September 2022

CITeS: First International Youth Meeting on Mysticism and Humanism

The first international Youth meeting on Mysticism and Humanism, “The challenge of interiority” was held at CITeS from July 17 to 24.

Five themes were discussed in the first five days of the Meeting: “The labyrinth: the challenge of interiority”, with Josep Otón, “The freedom to be oneself”, with Mario Piera Gomar, “Jesus, the mysticism that humanizes”, with Francisco Javier Sancho Fermín, “I am I and my relationships, and without them I am lost”, with María Ángeles Almacellas, and “Pilgrims of life”, with the Father Miguel Márquez Calle, General of the Discalced Carmelites. After each conference, a series of activities were proposed to the young people: the creation of labyrinths, a group reflection workshop, a moment of personal reflection and silence and listening to different life testimonies.

The program of the meeting also included two cultural activities. The first, on the afternoon of Thursday the 21st, was dedicated to a Teresian visit to the city of Ávila. The second was a pilgrimage to Alba de Tormes, where the tomb of Teresa of Avila is located, on Saturday the 23rd.