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27 March 2022


This year St. Joseph’s Monastery has 16 friars from Togo, Burkina and the Ivory Coast. They are involved in Parochial ministry, studies, teaching and spiritual accompaniment. Their daily programmes revolve around prayer, liturgy, recreation and various other community activities that reinforce their family spirit.

On Saturday, 11 December 2021, the friars shared a day of spiritual renewal with members of the OCDS and with other religious and lay congregations affiliated to our Order. There was the double objective of preparing for the feast of St. John of the Cross and for the Christmas festivities.

The eventual Christmas celebrations were well attended by the faithful. In a gesture of welcome for the New Year 2022 with renewed gratitude, the whole parish gathered in a huge field to share the Christmas Vigil of 2021 in adoration, praise and prayer.

On Monday, 27 December 2021, our community had a recreational outing to the beach at Assinie (Abidjan).  Our reciprocal enjoyment of the occasion strengthened our spirit of brotherhood and reminded us that we too, as a community, are part of God’s garden where He takes His delight.