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15 December 2021

The Prague nuns begin to build a new Carmel of Saint Joseph

Due to the noise and lack of space in our former monastery, we decided to leave the centre of the capital city of the Czech Republic and move our monastery to the suburbs, in the small village of Drasty, in East Prague, where we bought a former company in very poor condition. In the first phase of the reconstruction, we repaired two of the existing buildings: one, (to which we moved in February last year), will become the future guest house and the other, much smaller, has become a condominium (in which some tenants, friends of our community, now live).

Now we are making a start on building the monastery, dedicated to St. Joseph, with a chapel dedicated to St. Teresa. Due to the large increase in the prices of all building materials after the coronavirus crisis, we will be able to build only a rough structure and fully furnish just a part to which we should be able to move.

Due to the lack of resources, it will not be possible to complete the chapel, the reception area and the workrooms and therefore we will not, unfortunately, be able to close the cloister. We are happy that we have begun the construction of the monastery and the church this very year and we entrust all the work to the protection of St. Joseph. We would like to thank all the communities and benefactors who help us with the construction and we keep them in our prayers.