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8 April 2021

The Carmelite Church in Cracow is designated as a Diocesan Shrine dedicated to St. Joseph

On March 19, 2021, the Feast of St. Joseph, the Metropolitan Archbishop, Mons. Mzarek Jedraszewski, presided at Mass in our Church in Cracow.  During the celebration, he read the Decree by which he designated the Carmelite Church as a Diocesan Shrine dedicated to St. Joseph.  In his Decree, the Archbishop began with the observation that it was due to the influence of Carmelite devotion and popular secular tradition that the city of Cracow had chosen St. Joseph as its Holy Patron. In 1715 during a Swedish invasion, and again during a period of great epidemics, the city entrusted itself to the protection of its Holy Patriarch in front of the Saint’s picture.  This pictue was eventually preserved  in the Carmelite Church.

To this day, the Carmelites continue to foster and encourage devotion to St. Joseph among the city’s population.  The Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin, situated a short distance from the railway station, is a favoured destination where so many of the faithful, from the simple passer-by to students concerned about their future, can come to entrust themselves to the intercession of the Guardian of the Holy Family.  In his Decree, the Archbishop confirmed the Carmelite Friars in their mission as promoters of devotion to Joseph, through Sacramental ministry and popular devotions.

Fr. Damian Sochacki OCD is Rector of the new Shrine.