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19 December 2019

News about Fr General

Fr Saverio Cannistrà, our General, took part in the ordinary meeting of the Union of Superiors General, held at Ariccia, Rome, Italy, between the 27th and 29th of November. After participating in the audience that Pope Francis offered to all the members of the meeting, he moved to the Teresianum, where he shared with religious from Europe and the United States a day of reflection and study on the Declaration on our Charism prepared by the General Definitory. These religious, staying in our Theological Faculty of Rome, continued the analysis of the Declaration started in Latin America and which will continue through the other geographical areas in which the Order is present. In total, about 30 religious from various European Provinces and Circumscriptions and the United States of America were gathered, accompanied by the General Definitors, Frs Agustí Borrell, Lukasz Kansy and Daniel Chowning.

Precisely on the day Fr General celebrated his name day ─accompanied by the community of the General House and some members of the Teresianum─ the December meeting of the General Definitory began; this session of the Definitory included a meeting with the General Council of the Carmelites.

On the 11th of December, together with Fr Agustí Borrell the Vicar General, Fr Saverio presided over the presentation of the digital version of the BIS (Bibliografia Internationalis Spiritualitatis), held at the Theological Faculty of the Teresianum. More detail of this event is reported on this same page, although we have already reported it in posts on our social media.

Finally, on December the 14th, the feast of Saint John of the Cross, in the chapel of the Teresianum Fr. Saverio presided at the Eucharistic celebration in which six students of the International College made their solemn profession: Br. Immanuel and Br. Sandeep from South Kerala (India), Br. Tolobatosoa of Madagascar, Br. Pradeep and Br. Mariyanna of Andhra Pradesh (India) and Fr. Rajeev from Manjummel (India).