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20 June 2019

Congress on Saint John of the Cross in the Teresianum

On the 9th and 10th of May, an International Congress on St John of the Cross was held at the Teresianum, with the title: “Memory and Hope in Saint John of the Cross”. The objective of the Congress was to analyse in an interdisciplinary manner the process of purification of the memory, a human faculty, through hope, a theological virtue, not limiting oneself to the analysis of the precise chapters of the Third Book of the Ascent of Mount Carmel, in which the saint deals directly with the question, but by taking into account the whole of his work.

The approaches taken during the days of the Congress from philology, philosophy, biblical and spiritual theology, as well as from sociology, showed the effectiveness of St John of the Cross’s proposal, rooted in theological tradition and also valid at an  Anthropological level, to the point of being able to shed light on situations of crisis and reconciliation that require a necessary exercise of hope, which annuls painful memories sustaining confrontation between people and societies.

The Congress ended with a round table discussion in which the speakers addressed, in the light of the conferences given, the topicality of St. John of the Cross’s invitation to leave behind memories (positive or negative) to build an increasingly better future, at the individual and collective level.

In the Faculty’s web page ( can be found the link to the YouTube account, in which all the conferences can be found.