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19 July 2018

Fr General, visiting Dutch Carmel

Towards the end of June, Fr Saverio Cannistrà, ocd, Superior General, visited our Carmelite brothers and sisters in Holland, accompanied by his secretary, Fr Rafal Willkowski. He was able to meet all the friars of the Semiprovince and to visit, among others, the nuns’ monasteries of Echt, Maastricht and Oirschot, fraternally sharing the life of the friars and the nuns in this area of jurisdiction of the Order, who are suffering the difficulties arising from the lack of vocations and the passing of years, with the consequent ageing. In Echt, he was also able to visit the parish where there are preserved objects tied to Sr Teresa Benedicta of the Cross who, as it is known, was taken from here, together with her sister Rosa, to the Westerbork camp and then to Auschwitz, where they suffered martyrdom.