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31 August 2017

Discalced Carmelite Extraordinary Definitory_August 31st

Today’s liturgy was organized by the group from India. The Eucharist that opened the second day of our Extraordinary Definitory was presided over by Father Johannes Gorantla, General Definitor, specially in charge of South Asia.

The morning was entirely dedicated to the process of rereading the Constitutions, an undertaking begun after the General Chapter held in Ávila in 2015. First, the Vicar General and president of the international committee named by the Definitor, Father Agustí Borrell, recalled the origin of the project and reported on the steps taken to date. Father Emilio Martínez, secretary of the committee, presented to the Major Superiors some statistical data regarding the participation of the Circumscriptions in the rereading process and read a summary of the comments received by the Committee so far. After a brief pause, the Vicar General took the floor once again. He expressed appreciation for the material received and shared possible avenues for the process going forward. Father Wiesław Kiwior, Committee member and expert canonist, closed the morning session with a presentation on law specific to the Order.

Participants met in language groups to discuss the presentations of the morning. Afterward, the Superiors returned to the classroom to share their impressions about both the Father General’s report given yesterday and the process of rereading the Constitutions. The dialogue was very lively and lasted well into the afternoon.

The day ended with vespers and a lively and fraternal dinner.

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