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10 July 2016

Meetings concerning the Constitutions

Teresian Carmelites from seven provinces of India met together in the Kothagiri House of Prayer in Tamil Nadu. The meeting was called by Fr Johannes Gorantla, Definitor General, to reflect upon our Constitutions, within the process of rereading them that was begun by the whole Order after the Avila General Chapter in 2015.

Each Chapter of the Constitutions was studied by the assembly in the following manner: first of all the texts were read and studied in common; this was followed by two conferences given by experts in each of the materials; in the evening there was dialogue in common starting with questions prepared by the spokespersons, upon which proposals were made. Each day Mass and liturgical prayer were celebrated as part of the spiritual animation of the meeting.

The full program and a comprehensive description of it can be found, in English, on the following link:

As well, the now traditional permanent formation week of the German province took place in our Spirituality house in Birkenwerder, in the week after Pentecost. Two principal topics were discussed: the work on the Constitutions according to the directions of the General Chapter, as well as a reflection on Martin Luther on the occasion of the 5th centenary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation (31st October 1517).

Father Provincial introduced the topics with a conference on the purpose and importance of the Constitutions; two Carmelite Sisters from Berlin, presented the 1991 Constitutions of the Discalced Carmelite Nuns, while the Provincial Delegate for the OCDS spoke on the laborious process of the origin and development of the OCDS Constitutions. During the dialogue in common there was a interesting sharing of opinions; all were in agreement that the Constitutions of the friars and nuns needed a revision of the language, the theology of religious life and Carmelite identity. We would like a common text to be drawn up, for the three branches, presenting the elements common to our vocation.