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19 February 2022

The journey towards unity of the Italian OCDS

“Walking towards unity”: was the aim motivating the Interprovincial Coordination
Council of Italy, at the invitation of the previous General Delegate, Father Alzinir Debastiani ocd, to begin the drafting of a Formation Process that could be used by all six OCDS Provinces of Italy. This adventure began in November 2017 with the preparation of a Formation Notebook from each of the six Provinces.

The most demanding work was certainly that of coordinating the individual contributions that were nuanced by different sensitivities and styles. This diversity, a source of wealth, had to find a logical and organic development: this involved a remarkable capacity for coordination, for which we thank the main architect, Brigida Silvana De Grandi, as National Head of Formation, and Maria Lupi who supported her in the final review of all the work. The process, approved by the General Definitory ad experimentum for five years on 18th of August 2021, has now been delivered to the individual Community Formators as a precious aid to be used on the path to human, Christian and Carmelite maturatity of the formators.

Let us entrust to the Lord, to the Virgin Mary and to Saint Joseph this National Formation Process so that it may bear good and abundant fruit for the good of the OCDS and for its journey in synodality, in line with the current path of the Church.