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8 April 2021


The meeting of the assembly of the Conference of the Major Superiors of the african francophone zone took place in Abidjan from 24 to 29 January 2021. The following were present: Fr Daniel Ehigie (Definitor), Fr Jerome Paluku (Secretary for the Missionary Cooperation Office), Fr Albert Tampwo (Commissario of Congo), Fr Jacque Mutimanwa (Councillor, Commissariat of Congo), Fr Federico Trinchero (Provincial Delegate, Central Africa), Fr Domenico Rossi (Provincial Delegate, Cameroon), Fr Jean-Fabrice Delbecq (Provincial, Avignon-Aquitaine), Fr Emile M’Bra (outgoing President of the Conference form the Provincial Delegation of West Africa) and Fr Jean-Baptiste Pagabeleguem (Provincial Delegate, West Africa).

The assembly discussed the preparation of our candidates for Solemn Profession (Second Novitiate), a program which is done in common annually. A decision was made that from next year (2022), the responsibility of planning and implementation of the program will be passed on to the circumscriptions such that each one will take its turn to organize and host the event.

In October 2019, the fourth African Teresian Congress was held in Yaoundé in Cameroon as a joint project of the Conferences of the Major Superiors of our 2 language zones (francophone and anglophone). The project was evaluated. They underscored the importance of the joint project as an effective instrument of communion between the two zones. Efforts will be made to contact the anglophone Conference so that planning towards the next Africa Teresian Congress can commence soon.

The issue of the situation of the mission in Senegal was raised. There are currently 2 Friars in each of the 2 houses in Senegal – the house in Kaolack and the other one in Dakar. This number of Friars is not sufficient to sustain the normal Carmelite life in the houses. Appeals for assistance were made by the mother Province (Avignon-Aquitaine). At the end of the discussions, the Provincial Delegation of West Africa confirmed that a Friar will be sent there as soon as possible, and the Commissariat of Congo also offered to send a Friar.