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12 January 2021

Centenary for the de “LA OBRA MÁXIMA”

Publication of La Obra Máxima began in January 1921 thanks to the missionary zeal of Ven. Fr. Juan Vicente Zengotita (1862-1943) who, after 17 fruitful years of pastoral duties in India, on his return to Spain, with Carmelite, missionary sensitivity, wanted to launch a publication which continues to be a point of reference in its field, not only for the Teresian Order of Carmel but also in the wider field of missions.

La Obra Máxima (LOM) is a monthly publication bringing together news not only from some of the missionary ventures in the Order but seeks also to be a voice for small, Christian communities present in the most distant corners of the world, many of whom are suffering persecution or discrimination on account of their faith.

Always in keeping with the missionary intentions of the Pope, the missionary publication La Obra Máxima wants to continue with its work of making readers lovingly aware of the Carmelite missions and of the missions in the Church at large.

Thanks to this labour of sensitization throughout its history,  LOM has been able to respond to many requests from different types of missionary endeavours within the Order.

It is the task of the whole of the Teresian Carmel to cherish these means of publication so that the missionary flame of our Order remains alight and so that people in need can find through our presence, God’s consolation and fraternal help.


LOM also has an internet presence: as well as in social media.