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12 December 2020

Bernard Sesé dies

Recently, on the 6th of November, there died in Paris Bernard Sesé, the professor of Spanish literature and French poet. A member of the Royal Spanish Academy in France since 1996, he devoted much of his life to the study of Spanish poets and writers which, in 1980,  earned him the first prize of the Antonio Machado Foundation for a work on that remarkable Andalusian poet.

He dedicated many of his works to the study of the poetry and prose of St Teresa of Jesus and, above all, of St John of the Cross. He had several books and articles published in different journals about our saints and is the author of a biography on Madame Acarie. Bernard Sesé also actively participated in several congresses about the mystics of Carmel.

He had reached 91 years of age and was emeritus professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Paris X-Nanterre. May he rest in peace.