Our communities of brothers and sisters have not been left out of the pandemic affecting all of humanity. Right from the beginning we have tried to accompany and help those closest to us in various ways and joining the pope and the Church in prayer for all mankind.

As in the “first wave”, this second wave has also directly affected some religious, infecting them with the diseases associated with the coronavirus. We entrust them to your prayers and we will seek to follow their progress.

At this particular moment, most of the infected friars and nuns who have informed us of their situation are asymptomatic or do not have excessively severe symptoms. We have heard of a community in the Veneto area of Italy, –Trento to be precise– which suffered a grievous blow a few days ago when one of their friars of advanced age, who had been suffering from other illnesses for some time, was not able to overcome the virus.

Unfortunately, the virus has also entered the General House. We want to inform you that most cases are asymptomatic and friars who do have some discomfort are under control. Thus, life in the Curia continues normally, although all recommended protective measures have been accentuated. We thank very much those who, knowing the news, have taken an interest in the sick and assured us of their prayers.

If there is anything new, we shall let you know immediately. For the time being, let us continue to pray that the sick be restored to health. Precisely to avoid work and thus facilitate their recovery, it is preferable to limit messages and phone calls.

Thanks in advance.