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25 May 2020

Indian’s Journey in Combatting Covid -19

COVID-19 has brought the world to a Stop! As we know it has already swallowed over 2,50,000 people and kept billions of people under panic and fear! Over 3 million people affected by the virus still growing!  Here is a small information on what’s happening in India

As of 6th May it has affected around 50,000 people, around 15000 recovered and has witnessed around 1700 deaths, so far. This is quite an insignificant number compared to the Indian population of over 1300 millions. As for today it sounds rather good and seem to be under control. But this virus has become unpredictable in its behavior as in its diffusion. So far it has spread in 35 states of India. Maharashtra, Gujarat; Delhi, Tamilnadu are in the forefront in the number of cases.

India’s Response: On 22 March, India went into a self-imposed isolation — a “Janta Curfew” — when the nation had only seen 390 cases.  Strategic move of a three-week lockdown on 25 March, at just 400 cases has really saved India.  But today it has already reached 50,000 inspite of the continued lock down of the country. From 25 March until today the lock down continues in the country. It has been extended until 17 May: neither trains, buses nor plains function. All religious activities too are banned. Like other parts of the world Easter was celebrated in their homes.

Present Challenges in the total Lock Down: One of the biggest challenges that the country faces are lack of food for poor and middle-class families. In India most of the families depend on daily wages and daily labour. Now that the lock down is so stringent that they can’t go out to work. However, the Government and other Non-Governmental organizations are trying to supply some food and provisions to the families. From the day of lock down many migrant laborers are caught up in their workplaces. They tried in vain to go back to their homes. Hence feeding them, and their situation has become miserable during these past weeks. As of today 14th April, the cases have gone up to 50,000. If there were not to be a lockdown, this number would have been a million. Such could be the growth rate of the virus in India.

The Church and all the charitable organizations are trying to do their best to feed the poor and the hungry. This is the consequence of a total lock down. However, Indians are ready to accept the hunger and be united in fighting the Corona Virus.

Our Brothers and Sisters: As of now I have not heard of any casualties among our friars or sisters in India due to Corona. However, our friars are actively taking initiatives to feed the hungry which is the urgent need of the situation. Wherever we are present we take initiatives to distribute kits containing food; provisions, sanitizers, masks etc. That’s all we can do. Our Nuns all over India are praying day and night unceasingly for the divine intervention.