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19 July 2019

Documents of the 2009-2015 sexennium in French

Marchons ensemble ! La parole d’un chef de famille. [Let’s go together! The word of a head of a household]. Saverio Cannistrà, o.c.d. Documents of the 2009-2015 sexennium,  collected and presented by the Carmel of Develier.

“Let us walk together, Lord!” In a way, this call of Saint Teresa of Jesus is also a word from Father Saverio Cannistrà in his service as head of the Teresian Carmel: he invites us to travel in the company of the Lord by walking shoulder to shoulder with each other.

The various contributions collected in this volume are those of a head of a household who speaks as a father, as a brother, as a traveling companion. In a clear, relevant and profound way, courageous and restorative, it is inspired by the great event of the celebration of the fifth Teresian centenary in 2015, in order to be immersed again and again in the spirit of Mother Teresa and, from her hand, to indicate the paths that the charism invites her sons and daughters to travel again at this time. The truth contained in these pages will be of interest beyond the horizons of Carmel, for it provides a valuable anthropological vision and helps those who seek the meaning of everything, the seekers for God.

The book can be had by writing to the following email address:

Its price is 30 euros plus shipping costs and consists of almost 700 pages.

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