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12 July 2019

CITeS: Commemorative Book

On February 14, 2009, the new headquarters of CITeS – University of Mysticism– was inaugurated in Avila, which since 1986 had carried out its activities in a part of the “La Santa” convent, located in the house where St Teresa of Jesus was born.

On the occasion of this anniversary, the Centre has published a beautiful memorial book, in Spanish and English, divided into three parts: the first tells the history of CITeS

and the meaning of the building and its symbolism, as well as the works of art present in it; in the second, the reader will be able to get an idea of the enormous activity of courses, Chairs, congresses, religious and cultural events, etc., developed in these ten years, as well as the publications made and the new reality of the youth centre; in the third part some important statistics are collected.

The title of the book is: Diez años de una estrella  2009 – 2019 Ten years of a star, alluding to the phrase addressed by Jesus to St Teresa of Jesus in reference to the monastery of St. Joseph in Avila (a star that would give a great radiance), evoked by the star shape of the centre. Profusely illustrated and a chronicle of an important part of the history of the Teresian Carmel, it is a volume of very pleasant reading.