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5 December 2017

“Building Peace: A challenge for Christianity and Islam” An Islamic-Christian encounter

The Islamic-Christian meeting entitled, “Building Peace,” was held November 17th through 19th of this year in the University of Mysticism of Ávila in collaboration with the Mufti of Byblos, Sheik Ghassan Lakkis; the Diocese of Ávila; and the Blanquerna Observatory.

The opening ceremony took place on Friday, November 17th, at 5:30 p.m. Following it, Mufti Ghassan Lakkis and Bishop García Burillo spoke about the importance of religion in the building up of society. Each presented to the auditorium the contributions of their religion. In the subsequent days, the theme of the search for peace was developed from the perspective of dialogue between both religions. Points discussed were: 1– The face of God in the Koran and the Gospels; 2 – “Neighbor” in Scripture; 3 – Solidarity and social outreach; 4 – On interior peace and the construction of social peace. Each theme was developed by two speakers, always from their religious perspective, Muslim or Christian.

At the end of the congress, presenters offered a series of proposals with which they renewed their faith in the wealth found in cultural and religious diversity; in freedom of religion; in the importance of ongoing dialogue based on principles of equality, mutual respect, and justice among all human beings; and the need to continue this type of meeting in the future. Those attending the congress also proposed declaring the city of Byblos as an international center for interreligious dialogue.