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10 July 2016

Conference by Fr Saverio to the Union of Superiors General (USG)


As those who frequent our social networks already know, during the 87th monthly Assembly of Superiors General, which took place at the end of last May, Fr Saverio Cannistrà, our Superior General, gave a conference with the title: What are we referring to when we speak of the prophecy of consecrated life?  During the conference Fr Saverio called for a deepening of theological reflection on our religious identity, the only way to advance in effective leadership.

Doing a “bit of everything”, continued Fr Saverior, is neither prophetic nor sustainable and borders on “maintenance strategies”, leading only to undesirable situations. Besides enthusiasm, stated Fr General, we need logical coherence, implementing a training strategy that allows religious “to question themselves about the meaning of their vocation, to make a serious discernment and to take concrete life decisions”.

The complete text of the conference – in Italian, Spanish, French and English – can be found on the following link: