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19 November 2020

Newly erected monastery of Carmel Jakarta

The Archbishop of Jakarta, Ignatius Cardinal Suharyo presided over the Solemn Mass on October 15, 2020 where the decree of erection issued by the Cardinal was read. It was an Online Mass since Jakarta is the worst affected zone from the corona virus. It turned out to be God’s Providence since the Online Eucharistic celebrations allowed more people to participate, so much more than what the tiny monastery’s chapel could contain. In fact till now 5400 have followed the Mass.

Archbishop Suharyo has greatly desired that in the Archdiocese there is a contemplative monastery. God has finally granted his heart’s desire and this foundation is also God’s own desire. It is amazing how God arranges everything through many people whom we did not know before.

In the past, a contemplative monastery in a hot, hedonist, noisy and polluted capital city like Jakarta was unthinkable. But now everybody is happy that there is a contemplative monastery in the most important city in Jakarta and also the most harassed by radicalism.