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4 July 2020

Prague nuns Transfer

After a long period of discernment, the Discalced Carmelites Nuns of Prague have left the monastery they occupied in the city, to move to a new one in Drasty, a small town located a few kilometres from the capital of the Czech Republic. The final transfer took place on the 1st of March 2020. They themselves explain the reasons and circumstances of the search for a new location, which has taken more than ten years: “The reason for our decision was the growing noise of the square in which the monastery was located, which also had only a very small garden (just 12×15 metres).

We are building our new home on an ex-farm with adjacent land, which was returned to the church in 2017 in a pitiful state. In the first phase, the future guest house was rebuilt, which has now become our temporary monastery. The next phase will be the construction of the monastery with the chapel, which will begin, we hope, at the end of this year and will probably take three to four years. The entire reconstruction process is carried out with the financial help of benefactors, to whom we are very grateful, and with the help of the voluntary work of many people, who are a true community of friends born around the monastery.

The original monastery in Hradčanské náměstí (Prague) will now be managed by our Discalced Carmelite friars.

We ask for your prayers that we allow ourselves to be guided in everything by the Holy Spirit and that both places, the former monastery and the future one, may provide space for a deep encounter with God.

You can find more information about our move on our website:

Information about the original monastery and its current use can be found at:”.