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Santa Teresa Margherita Redi del S. Cuore Di Gesù

8 Gennaio 2042

Bishop (Optional Memory)

Born about 1305 in southern Périgord, France, Peter Thomas entered the Carmelite Order at the age of twenty. He was elected Procurator General of the Order to the Papal court at Avignon in 1345. In 1354 he was made Bishop of Patti and Lipari, and thereafter often acted as Papal Legate in the cause of peace and of union with the Eastern Churches. He was translated to the see of Corone in the Peleponnesus, and made Papal Legate for the East, in 1359; in 1363 he was made Archbishop of Crete; and in 1364 he became Latin Patriarch of Constantinople. In these offices he distinguished himself as an apostle of Christian unity. He died at Famagosta in Cyprus, in 1366.