XVI Federal Ordinary Assembly “Carmelites of Mexico”

XVI Federal Ordinary Assembly “Carmelites of Mexico”

From September 14th to 20th of this year, the Federation “San José de Guadalupe” of Discalced Carmelites of Mexico gathered to celebrate their XVI Federal Ordinary Assembly. The Priors and Delegates of the 37 monasteries that form the Federation participated.

Accompanied by the Provincial Council of Discalced Carmelites of Mexico and with guidance inspired by the documents Vultum Dei Querere and Cor Orans, the participants reflected on themes related to the life of the Federation in the process of preparing a brief guide for canonical visits and that will help the president in the work of co-Visitator.  A draft for the activities of the coming quatercentenary was also prepared.

The Council for 2019 – 2023 is comprised of:

Sister Gema de Jesús Crucificado (Ayala Flores), President

Monastery of “St. Joseph of Guadalupe,” México City

Sister Edna María de Jesús Sacramentado (Salcido Kitazawa), 1st Counselor

Monastery of “St. Teresa,” Guadalajara

Sister Maria Eugenia de Jesús (Beltrán Ramírez), 2nd Counselor

Monastery of “St. Joseph,” Celaya

Sister Miriam del Monte Carmelo (Viveros Sotelo), 3rd Counselor

Monastery of “The Tranverberation of St. Teresa of Jesus,” Guadalajara

Sister Maria Guadalupe de la Eucaristía (González Camacho), 4th Counselor

Monastery “Jesus Transubstantiated and St. Mary of Guadalupe,” Tulpetlac,

And in the new Federal office:

Sister María de Lourdes de Jesús Sacramentado (Salas Mar), Ecónoma

Monastery of “St. John of the Cross,” San Juan Ixtayopan, CDMX

May the Queen and Beauty of Carmel accompany them in their service.