The reading of our Constitutions

The reading of our Constitutions

With the sending of Study Guide 12 to those in charge of the Circumscriptions and entities of the Teresian Carmel throughout the world, which took place at the end of April, we are approaching the end of the first phase of the plan for rereading our Constitutions, which was approved by the General chapter celebrated in Avila in 2015. The Study Guide can also be found on our Web page.

The Commission created by the General Definitory, over which presides Fr  Agustí Borrell, the Vicar General, has been sending material in the individual Study Guides, to encourage a coordinated reading of our Laws as well as a systematic response to the questions posed by rereading them.

Besides promptly informing Fr General and his Definitors of the replies received from the various Circumscriptions and entities, the Commission gave some first impressions to the Major Superiors present in Ariccia in September last year.

With the Vicar General presiding, the commission will meet in Rome at the end of June. Afterwards, at the end of August, there will be a new meeting at the General House, to enable the presentation of the definitive conclusions of their work to Fr General and the Definitory. All this will be reported in more detail to the entire Order.

We urge all those in charge, as well as the Major Superiors, to verify the progress of the rereading of the Constitutions in their respective areas, in order to stimulate this last phase among the religious, by completing the outstanding tasks and by sending the material to the Commission by the planned dates.