The Carmelite nuns of Kananga-Malole, evacuated

The Carmelite nuns of Kananga-Malole, evacuated

For more than a year in the region of Kananga (Democratic Republic of the Congo) there have been clashes between members of the ethnic tribal majority and the central government of Kinshasa, resulting in the death of the local leader Kamuina Nsapu. Having been declared in rebellion, his militia continue to generate many problems affecting the citizens, despite the growing presence of the Congolese army.

In particular, they have chosen the Catholic Church as a target for their anger since it offered itself as a mediator for peace and for the rebels who, in mad rage, interpreted this gesture as helping the government.

So, last Saturday, February the 18th, they looted the Cristo Rey seminary and on the same day broke into the monastery of our nuns at Malole who, fortunately, did not suffer any harm.

However, to avoid greater evils, the Nuncio in the Congo decided that the nuns be transferred to the “Tabor” retreat centre in the centre of the city, where they will be safer in the hope of returning soon to their monastery.

Let us give our sisters and the Congolese people the support of our prayers.