Spirituality week in the Teresianum

Spirituality week in the Teresianum

Between the 10th and 14th of March last, the traditional Spirituality Week was held at the Teresianum Pontifical Faculty, which this year reached its 60th edition, with a notable influx of the public. The topic chosen for this year was: “The spirituality of friendship with God and with one another. I have called you friends” (Jn 15:15).

It was opened by a lecture given by Fr. General, Saverio Cannistrà, OCD, on friendship in Saint Teresa. In the following days, topics were addressed such as the possibility of a free friendship, friendship in the consecrated life, in the cinema, in the person of Elizabeth of the Trinity and relationships among young people and their way of living friendship in the age of social networks.

The week closed with a round table about the Church as a home and school of Friendship.

The presentations were joined with moments of liturgical celebration, as well as the possibility of participating in a time of prayer, with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, half an hour before each session. The reflections on Friendship had a “practical application” in the meetings between the participants, very lively and well-attended.

On the faculty’s YouTube channel (Pontificia Facoltà Teresianum), you can see all the lectures of the Week. It is also possible to access the same through the website of the Teresianum: www.teresianum.net.