News from the Order’s Information Secretariat

News from the Order’s Information Secretariat

Coinciding with the start of the ordinary session of the General Definitory on the 2ndof September, the team in charge of the Communication of the Order, under the direction of Fr Agustí Borrell, Vicar General and directly responsible for this area, met at the General House to present some proposals for the future to the Fr General and the Definitors.

In the first place, since Fr Johny Paulose, until now Webmaster, has returned to his Province (South Kerala, India), the Definitory has decided that he be replaced by Mr. Lorenzo Barone, a Secular Carmelite belonging to the Province of Central Italy. Over here, we would like to give heart-felt thank to Fr Johny for all his work done in recent years, both in the community of the General House and in his service in caring for the Order’s website and the COMMUNICATIONES newsletter.

Fr Emilio José Martínez will continue in charge of the Secretariat, which will endeavour to provide the Order with up-to-date information from Father General, the Definitors and the Officials of the Curia, by means of the website and the COMMUNICATIONS newsletter, without forgetting important events of the Order held at the regional level. Other news about the Circumscriptions will be communicated through the social networks of the Order, which can be accessed from the same website, www.carmelitaniscalzi.comincluding being registered in them. We encourage you to use these easily found information “windows” at the bottom of the page or through the “buttons” at the top right.


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