News from Central Africa

News from Central Africa

The Central African Republic is certainly a country that must be rebuilt, or at least, a country to build anew, despite the fact that there are many people who are still set on fueling violence and war.

Our brothers of the Carmel of Bangui, however, are set on collaborating with the country’s growth and the recuperation of its dignity. With the help of several people, they have been able to set up factory to produce strong bricks, stronger than the war.

With South African machinery, a Congolese engineer, and financing from a French foundation and the Italian Episcopal Conference, they recently began producing bricks that improve greatly upon the country’s traditional method: to the clay that is currently used, they add sand and cement, which makes the bricks much more solid. The first client of the factory of our Discalced Carmelite brothers is a center for malnutrition that is being built on the initiative of Pope Francis.

As Father Federico Trinchero, ocd, puts it: “For me and my missionary brothers, old and young, the joy and responsibility of being the foundation of construction – day by day, brick by brick, friar by friar – of this little Carmel, in this young Church, in this great country, a fraternal embrace. Father Federico…and twelve bricks (friars) under construction.”


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