New Web page for the Teresian Carmel in Australia

New Web page for the Teresian Carmel in Australia

Our brothers from Australia-Oceania have completely revamped their website, with a new design and content that can be seen in:

The website is titled Carmelite Spirit and has been associated with the social media channels already active for some time, managed by the Carmelites of the region.

The main objective of the page is to take advantage of the means offered by new technologies and digital media to share the richness of the spirituality of the Teresian Carmel, by offering spaces for dialogue – at least virtual – and knowledge of the wisdom of our saints.

It is a very visually appealing website, which also offers the possibility of performing a process of vocational discernment, making known the lives of the friars and nuns of the region.

The Major Superior of the Discalced Carmelites in Australia-Oceania said: “This is a very exciting project for Carmelites. It is an important way through which we can share the treasures of our spirituality with all.”