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Saint Elijah

14 November 2042


The Saints of Carmel are an immense number of our brothers and sisters who consecrated their lives to God, embracing the teaching of the divine Master and imitating His life, giving themselves to serve the Blessed Virgin Mary in prayer, evangelical self-denail and love for all people, even, sometimes to the shedding of their blood. Hermits of Mount Carmel, mediaeval mendicants, doctors and preachers, missionaries and martyrs; nuns who edified the people of God with the mysterious fecundity of their contemplative lives; religious who discovered the face of Christ in their brothers and sisters through their healing or teaching ministry, above all in missionary territories; members of the secular Order who in the midst of the world knew how to incarnate the spirit of the Order. The entire Carmelite family with Mary, our Mother, is in our day a reason to give thanks and praise to God. We remember our brothers and sisters who formerly dedicated themselves to assiduous prayer while on this earth and today participate in the heavenly liturgy. In spirit we are one with them in glory. By their courage they have already shown us the way, while we continue our earthly pilgrimage in the footsteps of Christ and those of our Blessed Lady.