General Assembly of the Saint Teresa of los Andes Federation – Brazil

General Assembly of the Saint Teresa of los Andes Federation – Brazil

In the Carmel of Our Lady of the Smile and Saint Therese, in Natal (Brazil), the first General assembly began on the 26th of March last of the Federation of Saint Teresa of los Andes of Discalced Carmelite nuns -Brazil-FeSTA, under the protection of Mary Mother, Queen and Beauty of Carmel. The meeting began with holy Mass celebrated by Mgr. Heitor de Araújo Sales, Archbishop Emeritus of the Archdiocese, assisted by Canon José Mário, and the Discalced Carmelites, Fr. João Bontem and Fr. Luis Fernando, religious assistant. The theme of the assembly was: What type of people must we be?

Throughout this Assembly, the 25 years of the existence of the Association (19/09/2019) were commemorated, in which all the federated Carmels, represented by their respective Prioresses and delegates, participated.

During the meeting the following were elected:

Federal President: Sister Danuze de Jesús, ocd-Carmel of Cariacica

1st Counselor: Sister Teresa Benedicta de la Cruz, ocd-Carmel of Propriá

2nd Counselor: Sister Mariana del Sagrado Corazón, ocd-Carmel of Camaragibe

3rd Counselor: Sister Maria Teresa de la Eucaristía, ocd-Carmel of Salvador

4th Counselor: Sister Maria Elisabete de la Santísima Trinidad -Carmel of St Therese

Treasurer of the Federation: Sister Marian del Sagrado Corazón, ocd -Carmel of Camaragibe

During the assembly, the Carmels of Cachoeiro de Itapemitim, Banaeiras and Jacarepaguá also entered the Federation.

In ending the meeting, with eyes and heart directed to the Virgin mother of Carmel and our Father Saint Joseph, the Federal President consecrated this administration to them.