Fr. Jean-Raoul Kiyangi, Congolese Carmelite, Province of Germany

Fr. Jean-Raoul Kiyangi, Congolese Carmelite, Province of Germany

On June 2 during its triennial Chapter, the German Province of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross elected their new Provincial, Fr. Jean-Raoul Kiyangi who was professed in the General Comisariat of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Fr. Jean-Raoul was born in 1970 in Lusanga in the Kikwit region. On August 15, 1994, he made his religious profession in the noviciate of Kananga and was ordained to the priesthood in 2002. He arrived in Germany in 2004 to undertake doctoral studies in theology. He finished his studies in 2010 at Wurzburg University with a thesis on juvenile violence. He served as provincial counselor (2011) as well as Provincial Vicar and Prior in Munich (2017).

The past 2nd of June he was elected Provincial in the Chapter that met in Würzburg. Fr. Jean-Raoul became the first non-European Carmelite to lead a European Province of the Order.

Undoubtedly, the Order will remember this fact in the future, a sign of maturity and the fruit of the Carmelite missionary efforts.

Fotos: Fotografie Bayer © Karmelitenkloster Würzburg