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19 May 2022

DAY: 19th April 2022 – EASTER TUESDAY

The Eucharist with the Sisters of Kharkiv is a precious time of prayer, thanksgiving and song that expresses hope and life. I was very moved by my encounter with them. During the morning we used up the time until the last second in sharing ...

18 May 2022

DAY: 18th April 2022 EASTER MONDAY

Dawn in Gwozdawa. I was quick in getting up to go with them for the time of prayer. We began with Morning Prayer. Mass followed at 7.20. The church was filled with lovely people. There were some children in the front row, elderly women and some mi...

17 May 2022


For the rest of my life, I will never forget this Sunday of the Resurrection. Never. Life dawns. And more on a day like today, Easter Day. But this life was born to us in the ordeal of the Cross, and has become a light in the empty tomb....

16 May 2022

DAY:16th April 2022 – HOLY SATURDAY

It is a day of silence, an overwhelming experience of deep emptiness, in the wounded warmth of Mary, the Mother; in the hearts of all mothers, who represent the watchful soul of the world, and who always harbour hope, in the midst of so much pain....

15 May 2022


Today we celebrate the passion and death of Jesus in this war-torn land. With the crucified and the victims of all wars and injustices. I am awakened by the sound of sirens that does not cease for a quarter of an hour, until 6.00. Sirens an...

14 May 2022

DAY: 14th April, 2022 HOLY THURSDAY

At breakfast, they had placed three hyacinths next to each one’s plate to celebrate our priesthood. Sister Alina greeted us. She says that they congratulated us and prayed for us with the three bulbs, Faith, Hope and Charity. We said good...

8 May 2022

Holy Week CHRONICLE – UKRAINE DAY: 13th April 2022, Wednesday of Holy Week POLAND – UKRAINE

Fr. Miguel Márquez, ocd   Paweł and Piotr picked me up at the Krakow airport. I arrived at 8.30 in the morning. We went to the Carmelite nuns of Łobzowska, in Krakow. A very cheerful community. We met...

30 April 2022

The Carmel of Koteshwar (India) celebrates the feast of the Child Jesus

The feast of the Child Jesus was beautifully celebrated at the Carmel of Koteshwar (Kundapur, India). The faithful gathered to listen to Brother Prakash and his team preach the preparatory triduum for the feast. On February 26, at 5 p.m., P...

27 April 2022

News from Madagascar (first quarter 2022)

In addition to our Carmelite annual retreat and the sports meeting between priests and students that usually concludes this beautiful fraternal time, this new year of 2022 began with the grace of the solemn profession of three brothers and their o...

24 April 2022

OCDS Presence in Senegal

At the end of the celebration of the 450th anniversary of the Teresian Carmelite Order, the OCDS in Senegal was born in Dakar on November 18, 2019. On this occasion, the Carmelite friars met Véronique Lukelo, OCDS from the Democratic Republic of ...

21 April 2022

Visit of Father General to the Shrine of Saint Teresa of Los Andes (Chile)

On Sunday, February 20, the community of the Shrine of Sainta Teresa of Los Andes was celebrating the visit of Father Miguel Márquez. This coincided with the visit of the Animator General of the Sisters, Sister María José Gay. Both came on pilg...

18 April 2022

Welcoming Ukraine refugees to the OCD monastery in Snagov, Romania

In our Snagov monastery in Romania reside Fr. Antonio Prestino, Fr. Marco Secchi, Fr. Mihai Lauș  Fr. Tarcisio Favaro, from the Venice Province. Together with them are members of the Carmelite Ecclesial Movement. Since March 9, they have been jo...

18 April 2022

News from the Secular Carmel in Ukraine – From Verinica Zuieva, OCDS in Kiev

I would like to share with you the current situation of our OCDS communities in Ukraine. There are 46 of us who want to live by Carmelite spirituality. But first, let’s make a brief history of Secular Carmel in our Eastern European land....

12 April 2022

Inauguration of the Teresian Jubilee

Avila The opening of the Holy Door on Sunday, March the 13th, by the Bishop of Avila, Msgr. José María Gil Tamayo, marked the beginning of the Jubilee Year. The church of the La Santa Monaste...