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5 November 2022

Lisieux (Francia): pilgrimage of the Carmelite family

Saturday October 1st , the entire Carmelite family of the Paris province held a reunion in Lisieux for the 10th consecutive year. In the context of the general pastoral visitation of the father General, fr. Miguel Marquez Cal...

18 October 2022

Poland: work meeting on the Ratio of the Carmelite Nuns

The meeting of the Discalced Carmelite nuns of the Federation of the Holy Spirit took place once again in the monastery of the Carmelite friars in Przemyśl. A group of sisters worked on the new Ratio, a document that helps in initial and...

26 September 2022

Senegal: 20 years of presence of the Discalced Carmelites

The Discalced Carmelites of Senegal celebrated the 20th anniversary of their presence in Senegal on Sunday, July 17, on the occasion of the annual pilgrimage of Our Lady of Mount Carmel to the Carmelite Nuns of Sébikotane. About 600 pe...

16 September 2022

Vietnam: blessing of the first church of the Carmelites

July 13, 2022 was a day of great joy for the Discalced Carmelite Friars in Vietnam: the monastery was blessed and the altar of the first chapel of the Order in Vietnam was consecrated. From the beginning, the history of the Carmelite friars...

7 September 2022

Avila: the Holy See grants the title of Minor Basilica to the church of La Santa, birthplace of Saint Teresa of Jesus.

Following the formal request submitted to the Vatican by the Bishop of Avila, Monsignor Gil Tamayo, supported by the Carmelite Order, the Nuncio of His Holiness in Spain sent to Monsignor Gil Tamayo on July 13 the decree conferring the title of Mi...

23 July 2022

Philippines: Celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Carmelite presence

As the Universal Church celebrated the solemnity of Pentecost last June 6, the Province of St. Teresa of Jesus gratefully held its 75th anniversary of the Carmelite presence in the Philippines. It all started in 1947, with the ov...

20 July 2022

Vietnam: Fondation of St Joseph’s monastery at Kon Tum

A new monastery of Discalced Carmelite nuns was founded in the central highlands of Vietnam. On June 7, Bishop Aloisius Nguyen Hung officially founded the Monastery of St. Joseph in the city of Kon Tum. A great multitude gathered for the occasion,...

8 July 2022

South Brazil: General Pastoral Visit to the Province of Blessed Mary of Mount Carmel

Father General, Fr. Miguel Márquez Calle, visited the Province of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (southern Brazil). This trip of Father General to Brazil was part of the General Pastoral Visit, carried out from 25th April to 28th ...

19 June 2022


It was with joy and gratitude, that the Formators of the Saint Teresa Association were finally able to gather for their first time ever in person Formators’ meeting from March 7th till the 12th of this year.  We had had to...

13 June 2022


Carmelite Friars and Nuns in Austria are celebrating various jubilees of the following years: 400 yeas of Teresian Carmel in Austria with the foundation of a Monastery in Vienna, 4th February 1622; 350 years since ...

10 June 2022


On 13th May 1997, Fr. Camillo Maccise, General at the time, inaugurated the OCD Province of Central America. It comprises six different nations: Panama. Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. The 25th ann...

18 May 2022

DAY: 18th April 2022 EASTER MONDAY

Dawn in Gwozdawa. I was quick in getting up to go with them for the time of prayer. We began with Morning Prayer. Mass followed at 7.20. The church was filled with lovely people. There were some children in the front row, elderly women and some mi...

21 April 2022

Visit of Father General to the Shrine of Saint Teresa of Los Andes (Chile)

On Sunday, February 20, the community of the Shrine of Sainta Teresa of Los Andes was celebrating the visit of Father Miguel Márquez. This coincided with the visit of the Animator General of the Sisters, Sister María José Gay. Both came on pilg...

18 April 2022

News from the Secular Carmel in Ukraine – From Verinica Zuieva, OCDS in Kiev

I would like to share with you the current situation of our OCDS communities in Ukraine. There are 46 of us who want to live by Carmelite spirituality. But first, let’s make a brief history of Secular Carmel in our Eastern European land....

12 April 2022

Inauguration of the Teresian Jubilee

Avila The opening of the Holy Door on Sunday, March the 13th, by the Bishop of Avila, Msgr. José María Gil Tamayo, marked the beginning of the Jubilee Year. The church of the La Santa Monaste...