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8 November 2020


Our communities of brothers and sisters have not been left out of the pandemic affecting all of humanity. Right from the beginning we have tried to accompany and help those closest to us in various ways and joining the pope and the Church in praye...

22 October 2020

News from the Teresianum

Recently, on the 18th of September, the Theological Faculty and the Teresianum Pontifical Institute of Spirituality presented to the public, in the Aula Magna, the products of the Raybotics brand that have been acquired by the Curia Gen...

10 June 2020

Definitory Meeting

On June 1, the General Definitory began its quarterly meeting. A hallmark of this meeting is the confinement of the Superior General and Definitors in the General House in Rome since the last meeting in March. Logically, there have been no visits ...

26 April 2020

General Definitory

The Father General as well as the Definitors are in Rome in the Generalate, according to the norms established by the Italian government in response to the crisis generated by COVID-19 which affects practically the entire world. From there,...

18 March 2020


From the General Curia itself we want, first of all, to thank you for all the signs of closeness and concern that are coming to us these days. Thank God, maintaining the isolation recommended by the Italian government, the situation of the ...

9 February 2020

Materials for reflection

In order to encourage and assist the Discalced Carmelite communities in reflecting on the Declaration on our Charism, the Order’s Secretariat for Information has prepared a series of audio-visual materials. The project has been approved and coor...

23 January 2020

News from the Definitory meeting

Since the first part of January, Fr. Saverio Cannistrà, Superior General, is conducting the pastoral visit to the Caribbean Commissariat which will conclude with the celebration of the Commissariat Chapter. Fr. P. Agustí Borrell, Vicar Ge...

24 December 2019

Merry Christmas

Who can make me happier than God? In Him I find everything (S. Teresa de Los Andes). Merry Christmas! fr. Saverio Cannistrà, General S...

19 December 2019

News about Fr General

Fr Saverio Cannistrà, our General, took part in the ordinary meeting of the Union of Superiors General, held at Ariccia, Rome, Italy, between the 27th and 29...

8 December 2019

Study of the Declaration on our Charism

As reported in the Definitory’s September letter (11/09/19), within the context of the process of rereading our laws initiated after the Avila Chapter (2015) and taking into account what was approved by the Goa...

22 November 2019

Our Definitors in Latin America

Fr. Javier Mena, OCD, participated in the “Santa Teresa de los Andes and the Family Spirituality” Congress that took place in the city of Guatemala this past November from the 6th...

10 November 2019

Visits by our Superiors

Fr General, Saverio Cannistrà is visiting the United States of America at the moment, in particular the Province of Washington. This Province, which bears the name of the Sacred Heart of Mary, was born in the late forties of the last century, but...

23 October 2019

Activities of the Superior General and the Definitors

As we informed a few days ago, Father Saverio Cannistrá, Superior General, participated in the first elective assembly of the Association of the Most Holy Trinity, recently created in Italy. Elected in this assembly are: President: ...

30 September 2019

Activities of Fr. General & the Definitors

On 24th September, Fr. General, who was invited to participate in the General Chapter of the Carmelites of the Ancient Observance (O Carm), arrived in Sassone, near Rome. He presided at the 8 O’clock Mass, after which he gave a confer...

9 September 2019

General Definitory

On the 2ndof September, the Ordinary meeting of the General Definitory began, chaired by Fr Saverio Cannistrà and in the presence of all the Definitors. This meeting takes place after the summer break in the northern hemisphere, which ...