Andrea Riccardi visits the Pescara monastery

Andrea Riccardi visits the  Pescara monastery

The founder of the St Egidio Community recently paid a visit on the 28th of May to the Discalced Carmelite nuns’ community in Pescara, Italy.

This well-known Community came into existence in Rome, precisely in famous Trastevere, where the former monastery the sisters occupied was dedicated to “Holy Mary of Mount Carmel and St Egidio”. Founded in 1610, the nuns left it in 1972 and a young Christian student, Andrea Riccardi, together with some colleagues, took over the property to begin an experience of fraternity, prayer and service to the poorest on the outskirts of Rome. This fraternity was renamed in 1973 “Community of St Egidio”, taking the name of the Carmelite monastery.

On the occasion of the presentation of a book of his ─with the evocative title Anything Can Change─ in this Adriatic city, the “young” Riccardi wanted to visit the Carmelites and leave them a precious testimony: “an affectionate memory in the common roots in the land and prayer to Saint Egidio of Trastevere: peace to all of you and may God protect you. I wish you every good and I ask that your prayer may protect me and us from all evil. With friendship and Egidian fraternity. Andrea Riccardi”.